Why is Pampa Organic?

The plantations (yerbales) are cultivated without using agrochemicals, maintaining harmony with the environment and allowing coexistence with the flora and fauna of the region, generating a significant biodiversity.

This reality is guaranteed through rigorous control of producers to ensure compliance with the norms of organic production certification, supported by certification seals.

The same situation is met by the facilities of our dryers, warehouses, and mills, where “Pampa Organic Yerba Mate” is produced, ensuring a product free of agrochemicals and friendly to the environment, offering a natural and healthy infusion of energy, with the contribution of flavonoids to our body with proven antioxidant properties.

Additionally, Pampa Organic has a recyclable packaging package, as the common denominator is the care and conservation of natural and environmental resources. An integral commitment to sustainability.

The main advantage is to opt for the ecosystem and naturalness of the product: the consumption of organic yerba mate is centered on a lifestyle philosophy, where the consumers choose agroecological products to care for their health and the environment.

Differences between Yerba Mate Pampa Organic and Pampa Organic Intense

The creation of PAMPA Organic Intense Yerba Mate was born from the need to offer a new alternative for those customers who want a high-quality yerba mate, but with a more intense flavor.


After research, development and testing, the ideal percentages of stick, thick leaf, thin leaf and low dust content were reached. Specifically, the percentages of thick and thin leaf were inverted, thus achieving a yerba mate with more body and flavor. Tastings were carried out until the new blend was obtained, but as always 100% organic, natural and free of external agents. Ideal for mate lovers and now with a more intense flavor.